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Peter's life was lived by moons. His place in his family's life meant that no matter what else he did, he had to be home by the night before the full moon and was free again two days after. His sister would prefer he be there more often but he was trying to find his own life, no matter if Talia felt his life should be hers.

Which was why, come the morning after the full moon, earlier than usual, he wheeled his bike out of the garage and was down the lane before his sister caught on to what the noise was.

He took off up the coast, trying not to think about how hard the night had been, how hard it was dealing with being the alpha's brother and how much it meant his life truly wasn't his own but was hers.

The further he got from Beacon Hills though, the better things got in his head. Getting out of the mindset of being beta and just being Peter Hale.

He rode into San Francisco late in the evening and it was neon lights that caught his attention. Figuring he'd find a room later, he secured his bike and headed into the bar. Tight jeans, a leather jacket, not caring that his hair was a bit windswept as he headed to the bar to order a drink.
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Alive was definitely accurate. Well was certainly in the eyes of the beholder. His body was whole, unscarred, and definitely not dead. His mind though was still bearing the damage of all the years. The fire. The screams of his family. The years abandoned as a John Doe in a bed alone. It had all taken its toll, including a month where his very existence was only as a corpse in the ground, and as a spook in the head of a girl much more mysterious than himself.

It was her porch he was standing on, just as he had in her mind, in those dreams where he had used her, the way he had abused her mind and whatever creature she was to get what he needed. Except now he thought he knew. He suspected he knew just what she was, and why she had been the perfect vessel for his mind during the month until his rebirth. Now to tell her. To tell her about why he had done what he had, and just what she was.

Not that he was willing to knock on the door. Instead he stayed in the shadows, knowing eventually she would bring out that dog to do its business. Until then he would wait, watching the windows, the lights peeking out past the curtains, and watching to see her pale face and powerful aura once more.
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Peter knew the world changed, and he had been changing with it. This time though it had turned completely upside down and inside out. Not just for himself, but for most of the town.

Including Lydia and Stilinski.

With that Peter had learned two things. Whatever he had felt for the Martin girl after nesting in her mind was gone, and he had to prepare Stiles in case the next big bad thought he would make a decent vessel.

Of course, that meant convincing Stiles he was there to help, and to get the boy to listen to him. Someone had to protect him before he was actually the deadly supernatural being he could be.

So he set out looking for him, heading for the Stilinski house, using dusk to stay under the radar and hoping he didn't have a run in with someone looking to stab him with something sharp and pointy.
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She had been a friend for a few months, someone he had met accidently. He had worried for her, helped her start working on recovery, and if he encouraged her worst traits then at least he tried to do it in the way that was safest for others.

Then there had been that conversation by text, wherein it had become clear to him that, perhaps, that the man she was looking for was Peter. Well, could be Peter. They had been friends, hunting companions, and now they were looking at having a chance to see if more might work for them.

Or they would end up destroying one another, which he accepted was a distinct possibility.

Before that though, she had put him to a task that seemed entertaining enough. Destroy the man that had helped in trying to destroy her. Whatever might come of finding her the man she was looking for, killing Damon - and devouring him because it was what was asked - would be good for both of them.

So he sought her out personally, figuring this was not meant for the phone, so he could find out all he needed to know to get close enough to the vampire and to see him turned into little more than vampire tartare.
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Peter has now been in Teleios for fourteen months. In that time he’s learned his heart wasn’t entirely burnt out, found common ground with family, made friends and actually begun to create a family and pack for himself in the city.

Now that the weather has changed, he’s moved back into his cottage with Derek and Isaac, with Stiles (who is now officially Peter’s emissary) as his neighbor. He has back his senses, as well as a full dire wolf shifting form.

Most of the month, he can shift at any time he wants (with magical clothes in place kung fu grip because it makes life easier). Once a month though, on the 15th, Peter has a full bones breaking, body twisting, life is hell and kill me now shift straight out of Vampire Diaries. While the rest of the month he has his senses while shifted, on that night he is a killing machine.

During the time Peter has been in Teleios, he has come to several conclusions. He acknowledges Derek as the official Hale alpha. He supports him as such. Peter does not though see himself as a beta to the Hale pack.

Months ago he came to the conclusion that he can be an alpha and has that desire. No, not the “magical” mantle that comes with killing another alpha but the sort that comes with desire and intent. He hunts for those he considers pack and family. He is planning a garden to continue providing food for them. The dire wolf form was asked for for the same reasons, so he could protect what he considers his.

Currently he knows that Stiles sees him in this way, and he’s told Isaac exactly how he feels and the plans he has. He has hopes of possibly one day seeing Hayley in his pack - even if she’s living with the Originals though he’s more than willing to help her as well with this - because he likes her personally, and because of her friendship with Beks. There has been talk of Peter R also perhaps being part of the pack because of Stiles.

Peter’s time in Teleios has been one of growth and his future is, in his mind, that of alpha. He wants that power and strength that comes from a pack, yes. The difference is that in the fourteenth months he’s been in Teleios, the reason behind that desire has changed. He isn’t looking to control, to seek revenge. He’s looking to rebuild his life and have wants. Pack. Family. Security.
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o here goes: In Peter's own world, for an alpha wolf to truly obtain his full alpha powers and status, he needs to have three beta wolves beneath him. Their power and strength bolster his own.

Peter's rift change will be that he is once more alpha though with a twist. Instead of needing to turn new beta wolves, acting as alpha over them, he is able to absorb a single trait or ability from a person for a period of thirty days from the time of absorption. He would have use of that ability and it would bolster his own strengths and abilities, just as the betas of his world can do. Yet it has the downside of him having all the negativity of it as well. This is especially crucial when he takes on traits and not abilities. They may well conflict with his own personality, causing a crisis of identity, or even altering the man he is personalitywise in small and subtle ways.

The maximum of these that he can have at any given time is three abilities/traits, with any new ability absorbed "knocking off" the oldest he has obtained. His use/being affected by said trait/ability can last no more than a month at a time, and each time he reabsorbs the same ability/trait it won't offer the same potency as before. Not without a few month break in between.

Now each trait/ability will affect his own nature the same as betas in Peter's world did. Therefor the more comfortable with the skill/ability he is, the more it will bolster his own abilities and strength, and the more of them he has to that maximum of three, the more he is brought to that alpha state. This would allow him a more full shift to the hulking wolf man form he obtained before being turned into a bonfire yet again, as well as the heightened strength and senses that come with the alpha state.

When he first arrives, Peter won't realize this is happening and, for the most part, he has no control over what is going on. With time he'll come to realize what is happening and have some control over such things as how much time he spends with a person to try and obtain a specific trait or ability, or avoiding contact to not lose one with the opposite side of the coin being trying to force contact to either obtain something he wants or get rid of a trait he finds bothersome.

As for how this will be handled OOC, I will put a sticky post on his journal keeping track of which abilities/traits he currently has and leave it as a running tally to know which he has had most recent and how often. This will also be open to players offering up their muses for sacrifice for their abilities and skills to be taken, as well as a permission form for me to do this. Nothing will be taken icly without ooc permission.
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This was a bad idea. Peter was pretty sure of this. Even if it was just Derek crashing there a few days, it meant them living together. In the former home of a woman he'd killed. Somewhere deep down, he knew this was a bad idea.

Yet he'd invited him nonetheless.

Unlocking the door, he made sure everything was clean and neat. It was all elegant in white and grey and oyster with a fireplace where earlier he'd built a fire, a massive desk tucked into one corner and a rather expensive computer set up that hadn't come with the place when he'd "inherited" it.
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The first time it happened had been the mechanic that had purposefully gouged Stiles on a transmission overhaul in the Jeep. The Sheriff had covered the cost, and been a bit surprised to find nearly half the money paid refunded to his credit card. Especially when he got a call the next day to come to the mechanic's.

Someone had used a drill and gouged holes throughout all of the equipment.

No one put two and two together.

The second time had been a senior, a new transfer in, who thought taking pot shots at Stiles the way Harris did was the quick route to make friends at Beacon Hills High.

Leaving the school that day, he'd been jumped somewhere between school and home. The resulting beat down had left him with two broken ribs, a busted nose and his jaw wired shut.

Those gifts were subtle though. The first open gift had been when Harris came into his room during his break and found his desk on fire.

Yet each time Peter made sure he wasn't around, that he wasn't seen. Despite them being gifts for Stiles, he knew if the boy connected him to them, it would go badly. So it was he just happened to be in the same grocer's the boy was that afternoon. Entirely accidental run in, of course.

Coming around a corner, he very nearly literally ran into the boy.
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In the elevator Peter had made a vow that this would continue, that he would see Lydia again. The truth was, he saw her more often than she knew. While Derek was busy trying to corral his children, playing nursemaid to them and pretending the Argents weren't a threat, Peter was working his own defenses in the town.

And watching Lydia when he had the chance.

So it was he would find himself watching her while she waited by the field after lacrosse practice, or as she wandered the mall, gathering bags as she went along.

That night he'd chosen was cool, though the days hadn't grown that cold yet. He knew that eventually she'd let out that silly little dog, and that was what he waited for.

With a line of scented candles along the edge of a small table. On it was a bottle of Dom in a silver bucket of ice, two glasses waiting. He knew her parents would be out for a few hours more. They did leave her alone often. Heartbreaking, really, but he would use it to his advantage.

So it was he stood there, leaning against the side of the house, almost out of view, and waiting.
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